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Keep it simple.

Users don't want to know it's got hammerhead GPS, or runs on Linux.  They want to know that it is reliable, cna do for them what their current phone does - and be aware of how the extra stuff can benefit them.

I like the idea of sending a quick sms with your coordinates, that gets read on a neo and places someone on a map - but I think that this would need to be a unique procedure - rather than embedded with a normal sms.  Good Idea though.

I'm getting excited more and more about the potential for the neo - even with the hardware it currently has the ability to create mash-up software of all of these different functionalities is fantastic, but at the end of the day it's about selling it to the end users.

I think the focus should be on the integration of utilities in a way that _you_ choose.  People might think 'ooh that GPS location message is a good idea, for only the costs of a single text.  wouldn't it be good if...'

The job of the marketing group is to build on that if... to provide people with a sense of individuality as well as being part of a bigger picture.

Since 1973, phones have been generic and very 'industrial.'  Customisation has been lax.  Phones are now a personal item, so the ability to customise is paramount in many peoples minds.  We need to make this clear.

It's not just a Penguin Phone.. it's your Penguin Phone.

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On 7/20/07, Ted Lemon <mellon at> wrote:
> It speaks to exactly the problem that we will have marketing
> OpenMoko: how to get Joe and Jane Average to think of the Open in
> OpenMoko as something they care about.

Don't do rthat then. As in "don't limit the marketing to only focus on
the Open part". The Open part will only get to the people who are
really, interested anyway.

So how do we get all the Jane's and Joe's hooked then?
Easy; think up (or "invent" if you like) design and implement at least
three killer apps (think functionality here) before the phone is
launched for the masses. Make sure that we have enough feedback so
these killer apps are so easy to use as possible.
Oh, and these killer apps must be something new; not seen on a phone before.

Which means that none of the following will do it (just examples):
- camera
- bluetooth headset
- bluetooth remote control

(I'm not saying that these should be left out, I'm just saying that
they aren't killer apps anymore)

A few things that might work:
- good GPS functionality
- getting pictures / other data from another device via bluetooth
(from your camera for example)
- a MythTV remote control via WLAN (but MythTV is probably known to
only a very narrow group)

And my personal favorite:
- allow the user to send a message (SMS) to another person which
inlcludes the users current location as a POI / waypoint. If the other
user have another phone, he or she will only get a standard SMS
message. If she or he has a Neo, they can (automatically) loookup that
location on a map.

I'm sure you all can think of a few others.

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