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Sat Jul 21 11:08:47 CEST 2007

Sudharshan S schrieb:
> Hi all,
> I have an idea for an advertisement featuring Openmoko. Be gentle with
> the flames though.
> A dude dressed in t-shirt and jeans (deja-vu?), walks through a crowded
> lane. Everyone except him are dressed in prison clothes and march in the
> opposite direction with their "closed" phones, some of the guys look at
> this "free" man and stare. To add to the effect we play an ambient
> techno music and everything is white in colour. The man walks in front
> of the camera, at that moment, gets a call, smiles and says "Hello
> World...", We then fade into the "Free your phone" and "OpenMoko" thingy
> as seen in the rocking youtube videos. If only I had a camera? =(. Of
> course we could use the neos that are about to be shipped for the ad.
> I am not sure if any ad similar to this has been done before, Comments
> and flames?
> Regards
> Sudharshan S
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could lend you a camera, but I have no lane crowded with prisoners 
available right now ;-) .

Anyway, Openmoko seems to become well-known without further action =-O
The picture attached is from the weekend journal of a major Austrian 
newspaper ("Kurier").

The text basically says:

"The Openmoko platform is the basic element of a new series of mobile 
phones utilizing open source software.
Hence you can adapt the software to your needs. The first mobile phone 
of this series is the Neo1973 which can be ordered for EUR 220".

The price given is correct for Europe (w/o shipping).

But I think before advertising there should be a product ready for the 
mass market, which obviously is not the case right now.
I think we have some months left designing advertising campaigns.

Take Care
Martin, Austria

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