Significant Numbers of Non-Developers?

Jeff Rush jeff at
Sat Jul 21 11:58:01 CEST 2007

Ortwin Regel wrote:
> Order #1833 here and not a developer at all. My last Linux experience
> was that I changed the screen resolution in Suse 9 to something that
> didn't work and wasn't able to change it back and get back to the GUI.
> :P Still, I need this phone and I need it now. It's the phone I've been
> waiting for for about four years.

Ortwin, with such strong feelings, "I need this phone and I need it now", you
must have certain specific requirements for putting it to use.  Certainly we
all have our wish list with lots of far out ideas but what do you need to
phone to do first, to meet these four-year-pent-up demands, from before the
OpenMoko even existed?  Basically you're speaking as someone frustrated with
something in particular.

> I hope people will help me if I'm stuck in some scary command line. ;)

Certainly I'll help.  I'm hoping to produce a series of screencasts about the
phone.  My first, just an overview for those wondering what the heck an
OpenMoko is that I gave last week at the local DFW Unix Users group, can be
found at:

I'm planning a talk on the hardware, and another on the underlying software
architecture.  In my mind, I divide the audience into those who are system
programmers (kernel/driver folks) and those who are application programmers
(high-level lang + defined service interfaces).  Besides being an embedded
systems engineer, I'm also the advocacy coordinator for Python and hope to
encourage and support those who want to build their apps using Python.


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