community Digest, Vol 36, Issue 45

Jeff Rush jeff at
Sat Jul 21 12:17:26 CEST 2007

Eric van Horssen wrote:
> Have a look at what Harald wrote in his weblog on the 17th.
> FIC is a B2B not a B2C, I don't think they ever before sold directly to
> customers.
> So FIC can't provide them with any knowledge about B2C, this is just
> totally new for them

True, I saw that as well.  I was referring to why the guy hired for system
software was pulled into hardware, and then into designing the B2C site and
now into drawing the floorplans for office space and figuring how to route
power and network to cubicles.  Not quite the best use of his time, it seems,
and also something that a skilled office administrator team and a commercial
website design group, resources less rare than a good system programmer, would
normally take care of.

But I'm not trying to beat anyone up - I'm sure there are factors we're not
privy to.  I just hope that they'll obtain resources from FIC and perhaps ask
from our community before they burn out.  As several have said here on the
list, as they build our dream we'd love to support them in turn - they don't
have to do it all themselves.  The free/opensource philosophy also means being
able to call on the community.


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