OK, the forum is coming..

Valerio Bruno valerio.bruno at torlug.org
Sun Jul 22 01:31:55 CEST 2007

Sebastian Krause <sebastian at ...> writes:

> Not for me because it doesn't provide a threaded view, scoring
> etc. 

I don't understand your sentence. Forums haven't threaded view ?!

> And btw, you actually *can* already use this list as a web forum if
> you want, and actually in a really comfortale way:
> http://news.gmane.org/gmane.comp.handhelds.openmoko.community
> So why splitting up everything into two worlds?

Well, I didn't mind that openmoko mailing lists would be recorded in gmane; i
admit that gmane interface is enough forum-like and comfortable for me. Why
don't you say it 50 messages ago? ;p

I've referred gmane web interfaces in Wiki:
but it should be referred in mailing lists page too:
so new users haven't to discover.

By the way, in the long run we'll need a real, user-friendly forum to address
non-tech-friendly user. 

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