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Sun Jul 22 08:49:33 CEST 2007

Sudharshan S schrieb:
> Hi all,
> I have an idea for an advertisement featuring Openmoko. Be gentle with
> the flames though.
> A dude dressed in t-shirt and jeans (deja-vu?), walks through a crowded
> lane. Everyone except him are dressed in prison clothes and march in the
> opposite direction with their "closed" phones, some of the guys look at
> this "free" man and stare. To add to the effect we play an ambient
> techno music and everything is white in colour. The man walks in front
> of the camera, at that moment, gets a call, smiles and says "Hello
> World...", We then fade into the "Free your phone" and "OpenMoko" thingy
> as seen in the rocking youtube videos. If only I had a camera? =(. Of
> course we could use the neos that are about to be shipped for the ad.
> I am not sure if any ad similar to this has been done before, Comments
> and flames?
> Regards
> Sudharshan S
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Another thought about advertising: what should the phone stand for ? 
Discussion in the various threads is very much centering around being 
open and "free".
BUT: is it that open for the end-user? There is an open development 
platform, which is beneficial. But what is the "open" point as perceived
by the customer. You can buy phones today and use them without a 
contract (prepaid). There are PDA (XDA) phones.

So what will be the point (the USP - unique selling point) ? Having or 
creating an USP is absolutely crucial in advertising. And the place of
being different by having white earphone leads is taken by iPod :-D .

Who will you be when owning / showing off / using a Neo1973. Or another 
Openmoko phone.

Things even get more complicated when thinking about the mixup between 
Neo1973 and Openmoko. WiIl we advertise a concept (Openmoko) or a 
product (Neo).
It crucial again to be clear about that.

There are a lot of issues and posibilities. Please comment, amend and 

KR Martin

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