OK, the forum is coming..

Valerio Bruno valerio.bruno at torlug.org
Sun Jul 22 10:00:28 CEST 2007

Ortwin Regel <ortwin at ...> writes:

> I like Invision but a properly managed phpBB is nice, too. Only had bad 
> experiences with the ones that weren't kept up to date.What will happen if an 
> official forum is being made? Are you prepared to move all the content (and 
> possibly software) over to the official servers? Maybe we should try to get a 
> response on how far off an official forum is.

This is very important point. Now we have, say,  99% developers and 1% users; if
we start a new forum now and then OpenMoko.org people creates the OFFICIAL one,
it's all useless work. 
We must point to the creation of the official openmoko forum; for this reason
using a pre-existent forum is not a good idea IMHO: forum will have to be
relative to openmoko stuff only and layout/colors should be inline with
openmoko.org site.
So, we need a reply from OpenMoko.org people to those questions:

- Can we start now the official OpenMoko.org forum? For example can we use
forums.openmoko.org and the logo?
- If we start a new forum and it works and have success (visits from users
and/or developer), it will become THE OpenMoko.org forum, or  it isn't
acceptable from now?

Who can reply for them?

I don't want split community, i want bring a better tool for communication to
those. Send messages from Forum to ML is a simple thing, problem is reverse. 
Rss feed is a common funcionality in forums, now i'm looking for it in phpbb.

People say your opinion! That's mine.

> I could do some basic moderating I guess.Ortwin

Thanks for all people that give their availability.

Valerio, Italy

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