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Kyle Bassett schrieb:
> The Neo1973 phone and OpenMoko software are two different solutions. 
> The Neo is a solution for a closed-hardware phone. As of right now 
> (Phase 1), it is a developer's phone. Developers do not have to run 
> OpenMoko on it, they could run whatever piece of software they see fit 
> as long as they write it. I think the Neo is a gateway, the premiere, 
> for an open-hardware alternative.
> OpenMoko is the solution for a closed-software phone. If someone can 
> get OpenMoko to run on the device they have, those individuals are 
> free to develop any software they see fit that will run in the 
> OpenMoko environment.
> So, who is our (current) audience? The Neo has a high appeal from the 
> hardware hackers, the debuggers, the core software programmers, and 
> also those who want to jump head first into the world of a completely 
> open system. OpenMoko has appeal from virtually any individual that is 
> aggravated by the software running on their mobile devices or has a 
> niche need which currently is not filled, and wants to help fix it.
> I think a good example is the Asterisk PBX and Digium relationship. 
> Digium develops the PBX specific hardware and (linux) drivers, while 
> the Asterisk community develops the software. Digium wins by selling 
> their hardware, and the Asterisk community wins by gaining a foothold 
> in the corporate market. Might be a good idea to keep their 
> relationship in mind...
> Both the Neo and OpenMoko provide open access to the hardware and 
> software of a mobile phone. This open platform gives consumers and 
> developers rightful access to what they own. I see the Neo as the 
> hacker's iPhone. Did I dare say it?
> As the customer or end-user, this open development platform might seem 
> similar to Firefox in a way (no bias intended). As a community of 
> users developing a product everyone can use, from tech-geek to 
> grandma. The Firefox community also has an extensive library of open 
> source extensions, and if that type of community could be developed 
> for OpenMoko programs, good things will happen. :)
> Palm has even come to a realization that Linux might have some 
> benefits, as they are developing (or having developed) a version 
> supporting Palm devices.
> Random thoughts:
> --I believe a pre-paid or "open" plan is different than having an 
> "open" phone. A pre-paid plan means that a user may not have to pay a 
> monthly fee, but the user still has the "locked" restrictions in place 
> from their carrier.
> --There are still many people who also think that their phone is a 
> permanent part of their carrier contract.
> --Which mobile phone carrier is the lesser of the evils? (I currently 
> have Verizon, but they don't support GSM.)
> As for advertising, the Alltel commercials are appealing, making the 
> other carriers look hostile just like the Apple commercials make "PC" 
> look complicated. A humorous spin might be an idea. "You're 
> have to BUY a ringtone?!" "You make me laugh... what's 
> all this SEEM editing about anyways?"
> Unique selling point? I don't think there's just one, but if I had to 
> choose, it would be the guitar pick for the Neo and 
> penguin-in-you-pocket for OpenMoko.
> Now only if we could throw together a NPO for mobile internet/telecom...
> IMHO...
> Kyle Bassett
> Martin may have forced me to write one of my longest responses yet!  ;)
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....... Neo as the hacker's iPhone .....
Well, it pretty much seems to be that right now. Or is it more the 
protester's phone ? Is it a contra-provider, contra-incumbent, 
contra-Apple, contra Windows  Mobile ?

BTW, in Europe, Austria, you can buy phones that are not locked and not 
branded at all (of course they are expensive then because with a 
contract a phone costs 0-10 Euro here)
and go to the supermarket and buy a prepaid card. That's not the point.
I think this "open" discussion it is very much irrational in the core, 
it is about an illusion of re-gaining control. That could be an 
important (U)SP.
Give the Linux-Asterisk-Openoffice-Firefox-Thunderbird - a.s.o. 
community a phone with the same philosophy so they can act consistently 
in their attitude towards Telco/IT.

Let's stop before it becomes contra-war, contra-global-warming, 
contra-parents, contra-male-dominance, contra-industry, 
contra-hedgefonds, ....
The point is: people (me too, of course) are facing mechanisms in 
economy, society, politics, partnerships that render them helpless and 
Can a phone help ? Could Linux help ?
Hey, Kyle, you provoked my 1968 reflexes (I was 15 then) 8-) !!
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KR Martin

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