qemu trouble...

Daniel Robinson dgrobinson at dgrobinson.com
Sun Jul 22 17:11:01 CEST 2007

Hey Lars,

Huzzah to you, sir, for getting that far.  I got my ubuntu system up
yesterday, but I haven't gotten some of the other pieces working.  I haven't
used  OpenEmbedded  or bitbake before.  I use perforce at work.

My ubuntu system is a new dual core box.  Does the development environment
use distcc?

Cheers, Dan

On 7/22/07, Lars Hallberg <lah at micropp.se> wrote:
> Not sure if this is dev or community...
> I manage to build the neo qemu and it works :-)
> Have made (flash.sh, downloaded the files manualt as download.sh did not
> work (no lynx)) a open moko image and it boots but...
> No on-screen keyboard makes it pretty useless. Anyone having the same
> problem or even a solution?
> Network don't work (qemu -net user)... Is this a limitation in the moko
> image, the neo qemu or my hostsystem (ubuntu 7.04)? Is it somehow
> solvable?
> Anyone successfully got network on there qemu moko systems, an in that
> case how?
> TIA /LaH
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