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Adam Krikstone krikstone at
Sun Jul 22 21:31:24 CEST 2007

Open means something to developers but it is meaningless to customers.  
You have to show customers what that means; flash demo/QEMU of package 
management system and included applications.  If you just say the phone 
is open and can do X, Y, Z without demonstrating, openmoko will fail to 
get the general public.

I've already said before what the unique selling point should be.  AGPS 
should be the complete focus after a stable build is complete.  In the 
US providers and manufacturers can not compete.  Cingular and Tmobile do 
not have any aGPS deployed; you can add a GPS puk but that is another 
device and at minimum $99 extra.  On the CDMA side VZW, SPCS, Alltel, 
USCC, all charge about $10/month for this service.  There are a few 
devices that have autonomous GPS but they can not compete with the 
battery life or FTTF of aGPS or the sheer amount of applications offered 
the Openmoko.

AGPS is where focus needs to be.  This natural (and free) comparative 
advantage needs to be developed to attract new developers and customers.

Here is the list I posted before as aGPS examples and thought it could 
use a repeating:

"1. Silent/loud/vibrate depending on location, programmable or based on 
courtesy settings-- max goes silent near schools, libraries, etc.
2. shopping list/reminder if you drive walk by something, walk into 
costco/supermarket weekly sales paper appears
3. Lost phone mode - send a text to your phone, get coordinates back, 
remote change silent to ring mode.
4. Stolen phone mode - broadcast alarm when ever turned on or gives 
location for police.  Remotely retrieve SIM/IEMI/phone book for 
5. Auto sync location dependent - arrive at home wifi/bt turn on and 
attempt to sync, sync when movement is sensed in the morning
6. Neo tracking - family plan able to track users at a distance or 
locally.  Maybe an alert when within wifi range, sms/alert when phone 
deviates from expected location or arrives.
7. Neo ping - wifi/bt in conjunction with accelerometers able to find 
location phones when aGPS is unavailable. short distance
8. Vanilla GPS mapping - POI, trip tip, traffic, follow me, statistics 
of trip (rate of travel, mph...), sight seeing, etc.  aGPS updated via 
SMS/WiFi/GPRS.  Maps cached to SD card.
9. Broadcast - friends want to meet somewhere or where you currently 
are, you can select gps location or current location to broadcast to 
people you select in contacts menu. Maybe mute, end call, and 
accept/send gps buttons while in call.
10. Weather tracker - gives estimate of how long before front/severe 
weather will reach current location. Might give false 
positives/inaccurate time.  Highlight areas that are flooded and map 
11. Business Phone number ping - gets phone numbers of businesses in 
current location, may also opt for website instead.
12. Coverage mapper - ability to remember when phone loses GSM coverage, 
warn next time about dead spot or have ability for all users to submit 
data to compile more realistic coverage maps
13. Gas prices/Highway driving - calculates best/safest/cheapest rest 
areas or exits for gas.  Able to input car MPG and let neo tell you 
which exits to get off for gas.  Maybe interface with gasbuddy on the 
fly to get the cheapest gas.  Maybe suggest more efficient routes after 
comparing month of driving data.
14. Language/currency/dialing codes - changes as you drive, of course it 
can be locked to your language.  Might help visitors as they travel, 
helpful phrases/translation, current currency conversion--how much, 
normal prices, etc.
15. Crime geocode - warns when entering high crime area, reminds to lock 
doors, etc.
16. WiFi mapper - remembers past locations or finds new ones and where 
coverage ended/began
17. Public transport - sync with train/bus/subway schedule, realtime 
updates or just provide normal times.
18. Panic mode - disables power off switch, dims LCD, and locks keybad, 
dials 911/sends coordinates/emergency number, must have battery removed 
to stop and should give time enough for automated dialing of 
help---might get abused.
19. Sports mode - for runners, bikers, etc.  Follow me, journey 
statistics, pace, laps, etc.
20. Charging patterns - remembers where battery dies, suggests to charge 
when stopped after calculating when/where your neo usually dies after 
last stop.
21. Social - IM, games, etc when near other neos.
22. Adhoc wifi/bt VoIP/PTT connection - GSM disabled when reaching 
certain sites, maybe construction/fleet, phones would only be able to 
VoIP/PTT between phones--limited use and range without AP/repeater "

Martin Straub wrote:
>  Another thought about advertising: what should the phone stand for ? 
> Discussion in the various threads is very much centering around being 
> open and "free".
> BUT: is it that open for the end-user? There is an open development 
> platform, which is beneficial. But what is the "open" point as perceived
> by the customer. You can buy phones today and use them without a 
> contract (prepaid). There are PDA (XDA) phones.
> So what will be the point (the USP - unique selling point) ? Having or 
> creating an USP is absolutely crucial in advertising. And the place of
> being different by having white earphone leads is taken by iPod :-D .
> Who will you be when owning / showing off / using a Neo1973. Or 
> another Openmoko phone.
> Things even get more complicated when thinking about the mixup between 
> Neo1973 and Openmoko. WiIl we advertise a concept (Openmoko) or a 
> product (Neo).
> It crucial again to be clear about that.
> There are a lot of issues and posibilities. Please comment, amend and 
> discuss!
> KR Martin

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