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Giles Jones giles.jones at
Sun Jul 22 21:50:22 CEST 2007

On 22 Jul 2007, at 20:31, Adam Krikstone wrote:

> Open means something to developers but it is meaningless to  
> customers.  You have to show customers what that means; flash demo/ 
> QEMU of package management system and included applications.  If  
> you just say the phone is open and can do X, Y, Z without  
> demonstrating, openmoko will fail to get the general public.
> I've already said before what the unique selling point should be.   
> AGPS should be the complete focus after a stable build is  
> complete.  In the US providers and manufacturers can not compete.   
> Cingular and Tmobile do not have any aGPS deployed; you can add a  
> GPS puk but that is another device and at minimum $99 extra.  On  
> the CDMA side VZW, SPCS, Alltel, USCC, all charge about $10/month  
> for this service.  There are a few devices that have autonomous GPS  
> but they can not compete with the battery life or FTTF of aGPS or  
> the sheer amount of applications offered the Openmoko.
> AGPS is where focus needs to be.  This natural (and free)  
> comparative advantage needs to be developed to attract new  
> developers and customers.

Unfortunately people will want Tomtom, much of the other stuff is  
useless to most people.

You need GPS turn by turn routing to bring in the masses.

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