OpenMoko trademark issues...

Jeff Rush jeff at
Mon Jul 23 01:42:57 CEST 2007

Jae Stutzman wrote:
> OpenMoko.Inc needs to have a clear trademark policy on the name OpenMoko
> and associated logo, etc. Right now the maemo people are going through
> some stuff do to recent changes. This is something that Sean and co need
> to figure out. If it is already figgured out then it should be posted
> somewhere on the wiki...a quick search for trademark reveals nothing.

Yes a good thing to bring up, what with us all using their name and mark in
volunteer stuff.  As Cassj said, they have the legal work done to claim the
marks but they do need a policy by which we the community can use them to
promote OpenMoko.

I'm sure other communities have this issue too.  The Python community wants
the Python trademark to be used to promote Python, in acceptable ways.  The
OpenMoko team can probably clip and rework the explanatory material to come up
with their own policy.

And if others know of good policy write-ups on other community trademarks,
let's get them to Sean for his consideration.

The Python trademark policy can be read at:

I think it is a pretty reasonable one.


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