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> I think most people are jumping way too far ahead..


If this is to be used by anyone other than linux geeks it has to have
> windows support.

completely agree

 It has to synch with outlook.  If it does not work
> seemlessly with windows, it will never have mass appeal (and maybe thats
> the goal??)

Ok, you're right.

Users need to be able to drag and drop files between the
> device and windows.

No, here is your error. Out of 20 "avarege users", only 5 _know_ that there
exxists something like drag and drop. It's important that it's there, for
every mac user, for every advanced user or even for every enthusistic teen,
but for the avarage user, a interface liek the upload of a file on a
homepage is the best (clock here, selet file, clock ok, click upload). The
alternative is that it shows up as a hard disc, like Iomega did for their
Network hard drives. We should provide more solutions for one problem, so
that we allow the "idiot" but also the "genius" (sorry for the terms" to use
AND customize it. Wanna new interface look? same procedure as for copying a
song on the phone. Or syncing with exchange.

Mp3's, pictures, and to some degree videos need to be
> user friendly to move between the 2..  Videos need atleast a converter app
> to run on windows to resample to something the neo can handle with the
> simple push of 1 button..

Ok, agree. Would even be better without converter. People don't like seeming
their things "converted".

The ability to customize this forever is a good thing, it needs to be
> available.  But i think to the end user it has to be hidden.

Oh, no. The user shoudl be able to customize the "aesthetics". And this
should be really easy.

No average joe wants to spend 5 hours a day re-building the tip of the
> kernel so he
> can ftp the latest new kids on the block track to his phone, and then ssh
> in to start it playing

No, but some geeks want to. And he should have the possibility to. Avarege
Joe should have a nice grphical frontend that says ("Wanna update your
phone, copy your newest song on it and have a caffe meanwhile?") (ok, i
think we need soem sort of coffe interface).

All of these apps and ideas are awesome.  I hope to be active in writing
> some of these.. But for this to be more than a science experiment and
> become a viable product for the masses, it all has to be dumbed down and
> point and click and work without thinking about it..

Agree 100%

Maybe I stated the obvious, but I would like this phone to be a success
> and thats how i see it happening.. start with the basics...

Agree 120%. have a functiong dialer and sms service. then talk of everything

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