Camera on GTA02

Gordon Syme gordon at
Mon Jul 23 18:04:19 CEST 2007

Giles Jones wrote:
> All of my phones have had such dire cameras I have no interest in using them.
I saw a very good reason for always carrying a phone around with you (even a low
quality digital) recently. A truck crashed into a BMW at a junction outside my
office window. The first thing the bloke in the beemer did was jump out of the
car, whip out his phone and take photographs of the incident. I know of a number
of people who have been forced to take 50-50 agreements in insurance claim
incidents when the other party was at fault but there were no witnesses.
Granted, the chances of actually having a crash are slim, but there is a benefit
to always carrying a camera, just in case.

> I'd sooner see support for Wifi/USB connections to proper cameras.
Me too, while I'd like a camera to be there I wouldn't want it to detract from
more important dev work.


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