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On 7/23/07, Ian Darwin <ian at> wrote:
> Maybe so, but as has been pointed out, phonecams are banned in a lot of
> places, many of them businesses. Go buy an HP or Fuji (or whatever)
> camera with 5MP and optical zoom for a hundred bucks and wear it on the
> other hip. You'll be glad you did when you see the picture quality
> compared to a typical phonecam.

Is the Neo aiming to be the next crackberry, made specifically for business
users and a few stragglers from the general population? If so, there's no
point in the discussion. However, many people have pointed out that a phone
needs a keyboard to be a good business phone so the Neo must be shooting for
a broader market.

I'm a college age twenty something and would very much love to see this
phone adopted by other college age twenty somethings. Heck I'd love to see
this phone adopted by the myspace tween group despite all the support horror
that might involve (because this is real mass adoption!). Need I mention
that cameras are generally not banned for this group? Disclaimer: I'm 100%
phone camera biased, as I am one of the arguably few that buy phones with
digicam quality images (yay for Nokia N series).

Most phone cameras do not compare to HP or Fuji cameras, but then again,
people don't carry their digital cameras around all the time. Their phones
are usually joined at the hip however and tends to be the camera getting
whipped out for those can't-miss-it shots.

Rather than alienate one group over the other, why not have something for
both? A non camera version for those who don't need the feature as well as a
camera version with the exact same specs for those who can't live without
it? I mean, why have a chip with camera support if there are no plans to use
if fully? Tag on a $50 difference or something. Problem solved. It won't be
feasible in the near future if it involves a major holdup or deviation from
the current product, but if it's doable, why not?
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