Camera on GTA02

Giles Jones giles.jones at
Mon Jul 23 19:39:36 CEST 2007

On 23 Jul 2007, at 18:18, coomac wrote:
> Is the Neo aiming to be the next crackberry, made specifically for  
> business users and a few stragglers from the general population? If  
> so, there's no point in the discussion. However, many people have  
> pointed out that a phone needs a keyboard to be a good business  
> phone so the Neo must be shooting for a broader market.

The point is, for now there won't be any camera. Not on the first  
generation model.

I was pointing out that this phone could sell because of the lack of  

> Rather than alienate one group over the other, why not have  
> something for both? A non camera version for those who don't need  
> the feature as well as a camera version with the exact same specs  
> for those who can't live without it? I mean, why have a chip with  
> camera support if there are no plans to use if fully? Tag on a $50  
> difference or something. Problem solved. It won't be feasible in  
> the near future if it involves a major holdup or deviation from the  
> current product, but if it's doable, why not?

You're thinking component costs but there's more to it than that. The  
case design requires high quality injection moulding and redesigning  
the case requires expensive engineering of new moulds. There's quite  
a few of these in a factory so it's a lot of cost.

This phone wasn't initially designed for this project anyway was it?

We're stuck with this design for now. If you don't like the phone  
then I would suggest you help improve it (ie. take out a bank loan  
for the case modification lol).

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