Camera on GTA02

Tim Newsom cephdon at
Mon Jul 23 20:11:50 CEST 2007

On Mon, 23 Jul 2007 10:27, coomac wrote:
> Rather than alienate one group over the other, why not have something 
> for both? A non camera version for those who don't need the feature as 
> well as a camera version with the exact same specs for those who can't 
> live without it? I mean, why have a chip with camera support if there 
> are no plans to use if fully? Tag on a $50 difference or something. 
> Problem solved. It won't be feasible in the near future if it involves 
> a major holdup or deviation from the current product, but if it's 
> doable, why not?

Guys & Gals...
There have been talks of add on packs that let people increase thickness 
of the case and do things that were not really intended originally.  
Since we have a pretty strong idea that the GTA02 will not include a 
camera.. We can add it as a wishlist item for GTA03.. And no need to 
argue over it.

BUT there is the chance that some kind of addon pack could be made for 
the GTA02 after its sold.
In this case, a production molded back plate could be included so no 
drilling would be required.
If its planned out right, these addon packs could be simply "unscrew 
backplate, snap new addon pack down, screw on backplate, install new 

Now I will also be the first to say that it won't be this easy in the 
beginning... But it *could* eventually.

For Instance, forget about connecting with the camera pins if they are 
not exposed and use something else, we have (maybe not optimal) I2C,
Spi?.. But how about an option that doesn't require wires?.. Say 
bluetooth, wifi... Maybe use I2C to control the device and bluetooth to 
transfer the data..

The point is, that for now its not going to happen.. But think a little 
outside of the box for ways to make it happen as an option.

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