Camera on GTA02

Ben Burdette bburdette at
Mon Jul 23 21:12:49 CEST 2007

> Rather than alienate one group over the other, why not have something 
> for both? A non camera version for those who don't need the feature as 
> well as a camera version with the exact same specs for those who can't 
> live without it? I mean, why have a chip with camera support if there 
> are no plans to use if fully? Tag on a $50 difference or something. 
> Problem solved. It won't be feasible in the near future if it involves 
> a major holdup or deviation from the current product, but if it's 
> doable, why not?
I would prefer a camera too.  But the impression I get re this project 
is that the FIC team is doing everything humanly possible just to get 
the product out as is.  I'm still glad they managed to shoehorn wifi in 
there, that's more important to me than a camera, and it sounds like 
wifi is more of a technical challenge as well.

Personally I'm hoping that it will be possible to retrofit a camera onto 
the GTA02 because I'm not going to wait for a GTA03 (or whatever comes 
after GTA02).  I'm willing to bet that if it is possible there will be 
people making kits to add a camera in short order.  We may even see that 
as an enhancement to the GTA01 before the 02 comes out.

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