Camera on GTA02

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Mon Jul 23 21:13:33 CEST 2007

coomac wrote:
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> wrote:
>     Maybe so, but as has been pointed out, phonecams are banned in a lot of
>     places, many of them businesses. Go buy an HP or Fuji (or whatever)
>     camera with 5MP and optical zoom for a hundred bucks and wear it on the
>     other hip. You'll be glad you did when you see the picture quality
>     compared to a typical phonecam.
> Is the Neo aiming to be the next crackberry, made specifically for 
> business users and a few stragglers from the general population? If so, 
> there's no point in the discussion. However, many people have pointed 
> out that a phone needs a keyboard to be a good business phone so the Neo 
> must be shooting for a broader market.

Fear not, FIC actually wants to sell lots of phones. The Neo1973 GTA02 
will not have a camera, but FIC have said there will be many other 
models of phone running the OpenMoko distro. AFTER THERE IS WORKING 

It is a virtual certainty that some of these other phones will have 
cameras.  Keyboards. Whatever the market wants.

But later.

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