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Mon Jul 23 21:36:46 CEST 2007

Ian Darwin wrote:
> coomac wrote:
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>>> Maybe so, but as has been pointed out, phonecams are banned in a 
>>> lot of places, many of them businesses. Go buy an HP or Fuji (or 
>>> whatever) camera with 5MP and optical zoom for a hundred bucks 
>>> and wear it on the other hip. You'll be glad you did when you see
>>> the picture quality compared to a typical phonecam.
>> Is the Neo aiming to be the next crackberry, made specifically for 
>> business users and a few stragglers from the general population? If
>> so, there's no point in the discussion. However, many people have
>> pointed out that a phone needs a keyboard to be a good business
>> phone so the Neo must be shooting for a broader market.
> Fear not, FIC actually wants to sell lots of phones. The Neo1973 
> GTA02 will not have a camera, but FIC have said there will be many 
> other models of phone running the OpenMoko distro. AFTER THERE IS 
> It is a virtual certainty that some of these other phones will have 
> cameras.  Keyboards. Whatever the market wants.
> But later.

I seem to remember a remark in one of (I think it was) Sean's mails.
They do not just plan to make phones, he somewhere mentions that other products, where in their minds without phone capabilities.

If I just could find it?

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