Camera on GTA02

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Mon Jul 23 21:37:10 CEST 2007

On 7/23/07, Giles Jones <giles.jones at> wrote:
> This phone wasn't initially designed for this project anyway was it?

No one from FIC said anything about it, but somehow, a bunch of the news
articles and blogs written about the phone promise a camera in phase 2. This
is why I asked in the first place.

We're stuck with this design for now. If you don't like the phone
> then I would suggest you help improve it (ie. take out a bank loan
> for the case modification lol).

No need for snarky comments. Like it or not, non technical people make up
the majority of consumers. These are people who are scared to death of doing
a mod on their brand spanking new gadget and would instead purchase the
gadget with that functionality built in.

Anyhow, my intention isn't to argue about why this or that should be, but to
figure out what is doable and what isn't, based on what is available and
from people who know more about the project than I do. The list has helped
immensely there.

On 7/23/07, Tim Newsom <cephdon at> wrote:

> BUT there is the chance that some kind of addon pack could be made for
> the GTA02 after its sold.

Kill two birds with one stone. Great idea.
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