Camera on GTA02

Mark Eichin eichin-openmoko at
Mon Jul 23 21:52:49 CEST 2007

Eric van Horssen <horzel at> writes:

> Mark Eichin wrote:
>>> It's not the megapixels that matter, it's the quality of the lens and the quality of the CCD/CMOS.
>> Right.  My simple version of this is "Cameras have lenses" - phones,
>> for the most part, don't.
>> This is why, for me, being able to do USB *host* is a killer feature,
>> so I can take *real* pictures and caption and flickr them, without
>> carrying around a laptop...
> Camera's with Bleutooth filetransfer would solve this problem.

Yep they would.  However, there are only 2 or 3 models in existance,
and none of them are particularly good cameras (where approximately
*all* "digital cameras" that already exist have a USB interface, and
the FIC1973 GTA01 *can* do USB host, with a little tweaking...) and
can solve the problem now :-)

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