Camera on GTA02

Mark Eichin eichin-openmoko at
Mon Jul 23 22:05:07 CEST 2007

"Joshua Hansen" <kronarq at> writes:

> I agree 100% with Coomac. Sure it would be nice if we had a Digital SLR with
> us at all times but that is completely impractical. Unless you are some sort
> of weirdo chances are you are not going to be carrying that large camera
> around with you everywhere you go. 

How rude :-)  And also unobservant - subcompact point-and-shoots are
coming with 10MP sensors and 10x zoom lenses with IS these days, and
they're about the size of the larger phones, and have *hugely* better
quality than even the N90 - and lots of people *do* carry them everywhere.

> The point of a camera phone is for those
> cases where an SLR is not available. I am also in that whole 20-something
> college bracket and when I had my MDA (HTC Wizard) I used my camera on a
> near daily basis. The same goes for a lot of people I work with, go to
> school with etc etc. I hear so much talk on these lists about how this is
> supposed to be a mass market phone and crap like it is an iPhone killer, but
> none of  that is ever gonna happen when you are catering to a niche market.

Your mistake is, perhaps, *believing* any of that (this is a very
enthusiastic "community" but not a hugely reality-based one :-) The
GTA01 is absolutely not an iPhone killer in the short term (with over
a million iPhones already sold) - but there are certainly some people
for whom it solves problems that the iPhone can't touch (as mentioned,
USB host is the big one for me...)

> Let's face it maybe 0.5% of people aren't allowed to bring phones with
> cameras to work. Where as I bet 20-30% of people can't live with out it and
> the rest just don't care.

I think your (made-up, uncited?) statistics are failing to take into
account that the people who can't bring cameras to work (a growing
number) are going to be a disproportionately large percentage of the
people who *actually pay for phones* and *want smartphones in the
first place*...  if you look at the link posted earlier,

it's more like 30% who can't have them, 15% who can't live without,
and the remaining 55% who don't care...

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