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Jeff Andros jeff at
Tue Jul 24 00:12:21 CEST 2007

I feel almost stupid saying this, but there are quite a few people out there
who are ringtone fanatics (personally, I can't understand paying 3.99 for a
30 second song clip... especially because you can't find one that's
appropriate everywhere) to that end, what about a simple ringtone

simply put, you either download over the air, USB, or wifi, search and
download from a library of CC and fair use tones.  The next step is to put
an onboard ringtone recorder/composer into the phone, and let people make
their own free ringtones (and publish up to the repository) -- (I think we'd
need a DMCA "I'm the copyright holder" thing to be legal... and warnings up
the yin-yang: don't upload copyrighted material)

it could probably even be web based, with a special browser plugin
(secondary select (tap and hold?) then select "make this sound my ringtone"
for .mp3, .ogg, or .aac files)

When we're advertising, maybe we can make this a selling point... "break
free from your carrier's stupid fees, and quit paying for something that
could be free", "get your ringtone fix without breaking the bank", or "they
say you're getting a free phone, but is it really free?"

anyways, like I said, it feels a little lame suggesting this, but I think it
could be big with the general populace.


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