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On 7/23/07, Mark Eichin <eichin-openmoko at> wrote:
> "Joshua Hansen" <kronarq at> writes:
> > I agree 100% with Coomac.

Whoops, name fixed.


> the people who can't bring cameras to work (a growing
> number) are going to be a disproportionately large percentage of the
> people who *actually pay for phones* and *want smartphones in the
> first place*...

You're right about business smart phones, but you're not taking nokia's
symbian phones and their huge userbase into account. One glance at gsmarena
(or any phone website) comments section will give you an idea of how large
the non business users are.

The phones all have cameras, even the E61 got one after the owners made a
fuss about it... and this is the true business phone of the bunch. With
nokia being the largest cell phone manufacturer, they are scratching a
significant itch for a significant number of smart phone users.
> it's more like 30% who can't have them, 15% who can't live without,
> and the remaining 55% who don't care...

I don't know man. That poll only accounts for places where the
company/school/whatever supplies the phone to their employees, not the
general populace.
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