Camera on GTA02

Giles Jones giles.jones at
Tue Jul 24 01:21:34 CEST 2007

On 24 Jul 2007, at 00:09, Nkoli wrote:
> You're right about business smart phones, but you're not taking  
> nokia's symbian phones and their huge userbase into account. One  
> glance at gsmarena (or any phone website) comments section will  
> give you an idea of how large the non business users are.
> The phones all have cameras, even the E61 got one after the owners  
> made a fuss about it... and this is the true business phone of the  
> bunch. With nokia being the largest cell phone manufacturer, they  
> are scratching a significant itch for a significant number of smart  
> phone users.

Nokia are a brand, along with Samsung and Sony Ericsson they own the  
market. It's unrealistic to think this phone can get huge market  
share. Simply because you won't have the major operators selling them  
on contract.

Until operators are pushing them and people know what the brand means  
(ie, reputation) it's going to be a phone for people in the know.

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