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On 7/23/07, Giles Jones <giles.jones at> wrote:
> It's unrealistic to think this phone can get huge market
> share. Simply because you won't have the major operators selling them
> on contract. Until operators are pushing them and people know what the
> brand means

(ie, reputation) it's going to be a phone for people in the know.

If done right, it just might grab a good chunk of the market without needing
telcos. If anything, Apple has shown that people are willing to drop $500 -
$600 on a phone they can fall in love with. In the US at least. It may not
be so with the rest of the world but that remains to be seen.

Following Apple's "revolution" of the phone industry, the Neo has the
perfect opportunity to grab that group of people who would have bought
iPhone v1.0 if it wasn't tied to AT&T or the US. Add to that business users,
linux users, geeks the world over and all around gadget freaks and we may be
talking a sizable market.

FIC is a solid brand name. It may not be tied to the phone industry, but
neither was Apple and look just how much that affected its market share. The
key is advertising, advertising, advertising. Viral, persistent,
in-your-face advertising. Something simple, persistent, but not obnoxious.
Get Steven Colbert, Conan O'Brien, Ellen Degeneres, Opera (yah THAT Opera)
and other figureheads in the US and other countries talking about it and
this phone will really go places.

Ok, I'm dreaming really big here, but this phone has so much potential it's
not even funny. With all the enthusiasm on this list, I can't be the only
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