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Giles Jones giles.jones at
Tue Jul 24 02:34:42 CEST 2007

On 24 Jul 2007, at 01:21, Nkoli wrote:
> If done right, it just might grab a good chunk of the market  
> without needing telcos. If anything, Apple has shown that people  
> are willing to drop $500 - $600 on a phone they can fall in love  
> with. In the US at least. It may not be so with the rest of the  
> world but that remains to be seen.

People complain about the price of the iPhone, people are used to  
subsidised handsets. The iPhone isn't off contract, it's AT&T.
> FIC is a solid brand name. It may not be tied to the phone  
> industry, but neither was Apple and look just how much that  
> affected its market share. The key is advertising, advertising,  
> advertising. Viral, persistent, in-your-face advertising. Something  
> simple, persistent, but not obnoxious. Get Steven Colbert, Conan  
> O'Brien, Ellen Degeneres, Opera (yah THAT Opera) and other  
> figureheads in the US and other countries talking about it and this  
> phone will really go places.
> Ok, I'm dreaming really big here, but this phone has so much  
> potential it's not even funny. With all the enthusiasm on this  
> list, I can't be the only one.

Mass market is dumb phones. Smartphones are a small percent of sales.  
Even Apple doesn't expect a large market share.

Also, this phone is global. Each country has a different policy, so  
you can't use a strategy based on the US mobile phone market (which  
is still catching up with Europe and Asia). Until there's a 3G model  
and translations of the software it's going to be a North American/ 
European product.

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