Multi-touch, screen size, and case shape.

Cailan Halliday chocolate.usa.chan at
Tue Jul 24 02:50:37 CEST 2007

First off I wanted to see if anyone shares my opinion that a
multi-touch screen is needed, if at all possible, to make the Neo
truly revolutionary. It will both cut down on screen space used for UI
and make for a more efficient  and intuitive interface. It would even
help beyond user input, it could "feel" itself being put into a pocket
for instance and go into sleep mode or what ever other crazy ideas you
can think of.

It makes me wonder why there isn't as much enthusiasm around it as
with the camera, which brings me to my next question: Is there some
sort of patent issue here? I wouldn't think so, considering I've seen
over 5 separate entities developing and using the technology.

My next question, which really isn't a question; it's more like a
comment, is: Why not a slightly larger screen size, I think right now
it's on the verge of being too small. It would be fine if it were a
simple phone with calendar, planar, and email, but this device is
capable of web surfing and video which, in my opinion, warrents  a
larger screen size. Last queston/comment: Why so much wasted space.
The case should be rectangular to optimize space with the rectangular


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