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> I truly believe in this quote, I also found it on Both
> multi-touch and a minimalist case truly supports this ideal:
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Ok, here's what's up:  the phone body we're using was a device that was
being designed by FIC for another customer.  From traffic on this list, t
seems that the deal with that other customer fell through.  I'm guessing
that one of the reasons FIC was willing to go through with the whole thing
was to make SOMETHING from the investment they made from that other customer
(It seemed like a lot of dev work had gone into the system already in
November when this was first announced)  yeah, with what this project has
become, the hardware is sub-optimal.  The goal now is to have enough of a
positive response that someone wants to pick up the hardware development
costs for the second generation device (or maybe that's why openmoko is now
its own company).  Anyways, it's about 6 months past the time to make such
major changes, we've got to either make the current device work for us, and
a whole lot of other people, or we've got to peg our hopes on the next
device.  Personally, I'm of the make it work camp, and I think with the team
Sean's put together (dude, harald, if there's anything I can do to help, let
me know) and the community we've got, we can make it happen

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