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On 7/23/07, Giles Jones <giles.jones at> wrote:
> People complain about the price of the iPhone,

...yet upwards of a hundred thousand stood in line on day one to buy the
thing. Dude, this is unprecedented. The phone shook the US industry silly
and that industry is still recovering. Just imagine if Apple had had the
sense to do a worldwide release (ala PS3, Wii) with no contract requirements
(they're paying full price anyway, so no need for the AT&T shackle). The
phone industry that we know and love might just have imploded from the

Point is, the iPhone has gotten Jack and Jill Average _talking_ about smart
phones... err make that touchscreen (semi) smartphones with nifty eye candy.
They may not quite understand what it is, since the iPhone only gives them a
tiny glimpse, but they now know there can be more to a phone than the crap
free phones their telco offers.

Apple surely understands the few things they did wrong by now and will fix
those problems in iPhone Mini. Before they do, the phone that can capitalize
on this opening will make a killing.
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