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Henryk Plötz henryk at openmoko.org
Tue Jul 24 09:05:45 CEST 2007


Am Fri, 20 Jul 2007 09:20:44 +0100 schrieb Jim McDonald:

> Yep that's pretty much what I'm talking about here.  But to do this
> we will need the low-level code to send us the methods/signals so
> that we can take the appropriate actions, which is the bit that I'm
> worried is not being considered and so this type of functionality
> will just not be possible without being a 'core' developer.

Don't worry too much about that right now. I don't know what the
current plan for this problem is but, given that OpenMoko already uses
dbus, I'm quite sure that it will include dbus. Going from "I have an
application that, when a call comes in, pops up a dialog and asks the
user to accept or reject the call" to "I have an application that, when
a call comes in, broadcasts a dbus message 'There's a call from ...,
anyone want to handle that?' and waits for a reply ... 'Anyone? Anyone?
Ok, openmoko-dialer, your turn'." is easy.

Adding dbus support is *not* the hard part, that's getting calls
working at all (and of course all the nifty things you'd want to
plug in, but those are outside of the scope of the base infrastructure).

For an example how something like that could look like look at the new
bluez dbus infrastructure, for example regarding pin-entry: It can be a
simple C program that always returns the same pin, but it could also be
python script that switches on the coffee machine, cleans the cat
litter box, makes breakfast, and then uses the lottery numbers from the
newspaper as a pin. And yes, for OpenMoko that explicitly includes
sending an SMS or anything else that you might want to do. Just code
it, in the programming language of your choice.

(Note again that I don't know what the current plans are, but even in
the unlikely case that nobody from the core team yet thought about using
dbus for call handling it's probably easy enough that *someone* will do

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