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On 7/24/07, wim delvaux <wim.delvaux at adaptiveplanet.com> wrote:
> On Tuesday 24 July 2007 02:08:32 Daniel Robinson wrote:
> > I already use my browser to read my email.  I use Gmail to handle the
> mail
> > from my domain.  I can read it at home, at the coffee house or at my day
> > job.
> great for you but AFAIK almost all ISP offer reading mail from their web
> page
> so GMAIL, hotmail, yahoo etc are all obsolete.

I also use gmail to collect the mail from various pop3 servers, so I can
read them at home, in the other flat, at work or at work,  gmail has a very
good spam filter and also the labelling is really cool. But that's not tht

> > The argument that you have to start your browser seems thin to me.  What
> is
> > a mail reader if not an application as complex as a browser?
> well most mail readers are integrated in your desktop and impose far less
> overhead when checking for email.  Also you can do nice filtering and
> other
> scanning for stuff.  Also YOU control your email box and not the
> application
> that your 'web'-mail provider has made available to you.

The point is: most people just start their mail client, read their mail and
close it. So it#s like starting the browser, reading the forum and closing

> > A forum allows the _writer_ to sort the posting.  I have yet to find an
> > email filtering program that does works in a more than rudimentary
> fashion.
> > A forum can be searched for keywords in much the same way that an email
> > list can be searched.
> I do not get that ... what do you mean by the 'writer' and sorting ? my
> mail
> application (Kontact of KDE) allows searching for ANY data in ANY part of
> the
> mail (body subject etc)

Ok, in a forum i can post in the category "Developemnt" subcategory
"Applications" subcategory "Graphics". Or "Community->
Marketing->Advertisment". And if you don't want to read a category, you
simply skip it. And every half decent forum has a built-int search, per
title, author, timerange, content, categroy, etc.

> > Posts stay on a forum.  Much of the email on this list goes into the bit
> > bucket for me.  Advertising?  Marketing?  We don't have a working phone
> > yet.
> Well most mailing lists collect the email too.  All mailing lists I have
> subscribed to have a page on which you can scan through the archive.

That's true, but scanning through a mailing list can be really annoying if
you're not familiar with the system. and moste people aren't.

So I like the mailing list system, but I read my mail 3 times a day. If some
normal user, maybe 56k connection, who connects 2 times a week, has to stay
online a hour just to download the las 187 mails from the list, this isn't
really the best solution. For development work, the list is perfect. But for
support/community not. IMO the comminity list should be changed into a
forum, with a good category structure, ant the development lists should stay
here.Then every decent forum allows to recive e-mails on new threads, and
also posting per mail shouldnt be difficult to achieve with a bit of a
hacjing around with phpbb (or wathever we would like to use). The point is
that most aren't really intrested in reading everything that's posted, but
if you post on a mailing list, you have to download all the mail to know if
someone answerd your question.

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