[Fwd: Re: OK, the forum is coming..]

Valerio Bruno valerio.bruno at torlug.org
Tue Jul 24 10:56:44 CEST 2007

Sebastian Krause ha scritto:
> Valerio Bruno <valerio.bruno at torlug.org> wrote:
>>> I don't think that google provides nntp, but you can ask gmane to
>>> create an nntp gateway.
>> I'm trying gmane nntp interface to community list and it doesn't support
>> thread! all messages are ordered just by date.
> You're using Thunderbird, and it supports threading for mail as much
> as for nntp. Just click the small thread icon left over the message
> overview.

Ups, (shame) -_-
i supposed it was ordered by thread by default..


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