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Giles Jones giles.jones at
Tue Jul 24 11:21:26 CEST 2007

David Samblas Martinez <dsamblas at> wrote :

> An regardin "is multi touch really that awesome? " I
> think yes of course, but maybe not in a so little
> screen and surelly it is not worth the trouble of
> re-coding a lot of stuff to make it work.

It has its uses, the important thing is to design the interface of this phone to be useable with thumbs. There's interface elements which are too small at present. I also dislike the Start menu too (too much like Windows Mobile).

Multitouch is fiddly on the move, you're reliant on being able to hold the device and use two thumbs or hold in one hand then use two fingers of the same hand.

Apple mainly use it for zooming photos. You can do similar with one finger, hold your thumb down on the centre of the touch screen and slide outwards to zoom in. Do the same but touch edge of screen and slide finger to middle of screen to zoom out. 

The above has the advantage of being possible one handed.

G O Jones

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