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Dr. H. Nikolaus Schaller hns at computer.org
Tue Jul 24 12:00:53 CEST 2007

Dear OpenMoko Orders Team,

I originally did have Order #1883 and answered YES_I_DO for a black/ 

Then I decided to change the delivery address and got the information  
that I should cancel the order and place a new one because your  
systems can't handle that directly.
This gave me RT #3783 and there was no second YES_I_DO e-mail.

Does this mean I have now to wait two more weeks or so because I just  
changed the destination of shipment?

If it gets more delay, I have to cancel the order and change the  
destination again because I am not there any more...

I did also offer several times to help by opening an European  
Redistribution point because I run my own online shop for handheld  
linux devices, but did not get a response.

With best regards,
Nikolaus Schaller

The Handheld-Linux Shop
Make the customer come back and not the product

Am 24.07.2007 um 10:10 schrieb William Lai:

> Dear Community,
> We`re getting a lot of customer inquiries with regards to order /  
> payment processing.  If you already received a 'Your credit card  
> has been charged' notification from RT than I guess this doesn`t  
> concern you,  your phones will be shipped promptly.
> Here are some notes for those who have not yet received a response:
> 1)   If you did not reply with a YES_I_DO  to our 'Developer  
> Release' confirmation request, your order will not be processed.
> 2)   We are only processing orders for the first batch of available  
> phones.  If you replied with a YES_I_DO and still haven`t heard  
> from us,                           this means that your order will  
> be shipped from a second batch of phones that will arrive in  
> Fremont, CA, next week.
> 3)  If you ordered an ORANGE phone, this will also be shipped from  
> the second batch of phones arriving next week.
> No one is being left behind.  We have phones for everyone.

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