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kero at chello.nl kero at chello.nl
Tue Jul 24 14:22:06 CEST 2007

> > I hate to sound angry and impatient but what I'd like to know is  
> > why you
> > aren't processing orders based on RT numbers.  I kind of busted my  
> > ass to
> > make sure I had one of the first orders in and I got order number  
> > 1843.
> We are processing orders based on RT numbers.

With that assertion, I'd say AmEx is really slow (or at least the Company Card which I have).
I'm 1844 and got the Payment Received email only this morning.

On a sidenote, AmEx doesn't show any amount deducted amount on my private webpage.
Nor the FIC amount, neither the (much higher) conference fee I paid yesterday.

PS: I ordered before Mastercard was enabled, or I would have used my Mastercard :)

PS2: and now, I can finally relax, knowing FIC received&processed my order. The Payment Received mail made my day! Early morning :)

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