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Ian Stirling OpenMoko at
Tue Jul 24 15:06:18 CEST 2007

Adam Krikstone wrote:
> AGPS is where focus needs to be.  This natural (and free) comparative 
> advantage needs to be developed to attract new developers and customers.

Of these, I think only the following are not on wiki:
 > 7. Neo ping - wifi/bt in conjunction with accelerometers able to find
 > location phones when aGPS is unavailable. short distance

This can't be done.
See Accelerometer_Fundamentals on the wiki

 > 10. Weather tracker - gives estimate of how long before front/severe
 > weather will reach current location. Might give false
 > positives/inaccurate time.  Highlight areas that are flooded and map
 > around.

You can practically only pull from public services - so you're utterly 
reliant on them, this isn't a display, but a data problem.

 > 12. Coverage mapper - ability to remember when phone loses GSM coverage,

 > warn next time about dead spot or have ability for all users to submit
 > data to compile more realistic coverage maps
Now that's hadny.
 > 15. Crime geocode - warns when entering high crime area, reminds to lock
 > doors, etc.

Again, data-driven, if you can get the data...

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