Camera on GTA02

Ian Stirling OpenMoko at
Tue Jul 24 15:24:02 CEST 2007

Mark Eichin wrote:
> "Joshua Hansen" <kronarq at> writes:
>>I agree 100% with Coomac. Sure it would be nice if we had a Digital SLR with
>>us at all times but that is completely impractical. Unless you are some sort
>>of weirdo chances are you are not going to be carrying that large camera
>>around with you everywhere you go. 
> How rude :-)  And also unobservant - subcompact point-and-shoots are
> coming with 10MP sensors and 10x zoom lenses with IS these days, and
> they're about the size of the larger phones, and have *hugely* better
> quality than even the N90 - and lots of people *do* carry them everywhere.

I do not want to have another device that can get stolen, dropped, or 
left, and has to be charged, and have data transferred off it.
I do not want a complex camera with moving lenses.

I want a camera that I can take pictures of price labels and goods in a 
shop, so I can comparison shop between (say) floor-tiles, without having 
to write down stuff.
I want a camera that can take notes while I dissasemble stuff, to see 
which bolt went where.
I want a camera to add thumbnails of people to contact apps.

99% of the time, when I want a camera, VGA with a LED flash would do 
just fine.

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