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Tue Jul 24 15:33:56 CEST 2007

Torfinn Ingolfsen wrote:
> Hello,
> On 7/21/07, Krzysztof Kajkowski <cayco at> wrote:
>> Hi! That's a wonderful list you made! I have one doubt though - how
>> well would that AGPS chip work, especially in buildings. I have Garmin
>> GPS which does not get signal reception if anything is between it and
>> GPS satellite so it does not work in my appartment or shows locations
>> with massive error.
>> Does anyone tested AGPS yet?
> Not tested, but I read on a Norwegian mobile phone news site about
> someone with a Nokia phone with GPS. Recently Nokia had enabled the
> AGPS functionality in the phone through a software update, and after
> that this person was able to get a GPS fix inside his apartment.
> Before (without AGPS) he hadn't been able to get a fix inside at all.
> I guess it depends on the hardware.

A _BIG_ part of it is the software.
One major benefit of AGPS in some modes is that the AGPS server has 
perfect knowledge of the satellite broadcast.
This can be used to great advantage, as the server can intepret the 
signal as basically a 'best guess', rather than actually needing to 
decode each bit.

Think of seeing something through trees, and trying to work out what it 
is, compared to being asked to locate a known object in the same scene.

Sufficiently clever software may be able to get a substantial portion of 
the benefits.

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