OK, the forum is coming..

Ted Lemon mellon at fugue.com
Tue Jul 24 18:12:29 CEST 2007

> Quite frankly I am completely, totally, 
> overwhelmingly baffled at the resistance to the forums.  Quite a few 
> people have expressed their dislikes of mailing lists and how they were 
> *very* reluctant (like myself) to join.

Worrying about your email address being exposed is pretty silly.
That's like worrying that the ice on a pond will break when it melts in
the spring and your house will fall in.   Don't build your house on ice.

As for forums, they are very nice for casual use.   They are terrible
for staying in touch, unless you visit them obsessively.   The nice
thing about a mailing list is that the mail keeps arriving in your
inbox, you see it go by, and you can pay attention or not as you choose.
And if you miss something, it's easy to go back and find it.

Forums aren't bad - they're just different.   I think it would be great
if the casual traffic migrated to a forum.

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