qemu trouble...

Lars Hallberg lah at micropp.se
Tue Jul 24 01:18:17 CEST 2007

Jeff Rush skrev:

Hi Jeff!

As I said... I have build the neo1973 qemu... but 'by hand'... It's a 
small build vs the mokomakefile build everything that's huge.

>  - Lars, Yes, the onscreen keyboard does work, as in the GUI keyboard you
>    click on with the mouse.  I click in the upper-left box (white area,
>    not icon) and the onscreen keyboard comes up in my QEMU image.

Did not have that white box... compiled qemu with alsa sound support... 
probably a mistake... Now, when I stopped esd before starting qemu the 
keyboard works :-) More strange... the today app got it's icons, did not 
have them before (?!?). Once the today app did not start on boot... it 
feels a little random. Probably should rebuild qemu with no extra.

>  - I can say that the ability to 'ssh' into the QEMU does work here,
>    but it requires a few steps in the QEMU monitor each time you use
>    it re usb_add gadget:1 that cannot be automated.

The usb networking seams to demand a rebuild of the host kernel... I'm 
not so keen on that. Did try the tun/tap and user network stuff... But I 
don't believe it will work. That expect to emulate a ethernet nic and 
neo don't have an ethernet nic.

Could probably build a neo kernel with ethernet, but then I think u-boot 
most go for a 'normal' rootfs... OK for my us... but then I'm back at 
setting up a crosscompile env for moko... ether a lot of hard 
experiments or using mokomakefile that will kill my machine (and then I 
still have to figure out how to make changes).

I really would like a solution that works with network 'out of the box'. 
Ether a rootfs and kernel with ethernet support, or a hack to neo1973 
qemu so it emulate a 'built in' usb->ethernet device that in turn talk 
to qemu user network and tun/tap interface.

But I'm not sure I have understand the problem correctly... If I was I 
file a wishlist bug on neo1973 qemu.


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