OK, the forum is coming..

Jonathon Suggs jsuggs at murmp.com
Tue Jul 24 21:50:57 CEST 2007

kent at songbird.com wrote:
> Not arrogance or snobbery -- different view of reality.
> At this point, openmoko *is* a development project.  It's emphatically not
> for Joe and Jane -- it says so on the web site, where you order your phone. 
> There are disclaimers all over the place.  It's not even for early adopters
> -- it's for hackers and developers.  Explicitly. 
> It is devoutly to be hoped that someday there will be a need for a forum for
> Joe and Jane.  But as a real concern that's at *least* 6 months away. More 
> realistically, it will be a year before there is a unit that will be robust 
> enough for Joe and Jane.
Point well taken.  However, we are starting to get some interest from 
people who fall into that middle ground category.  They follow 
technology (to an extent) but aren't willing/capable to actively 
develop.  So we are suggesting creating a forum to be able to answer 
their basic questions...ones that they wouldn't register on a mailing 
list to ask.

Mailing lists are great tools for keeping the developers in touch, and 
so we should not change that (nor has that even been suggested).  We are 
merely trying to establish another method to communicate with potential 
customers, even if they aren't going to be purchasing for 6-12 months.

Sorry for being so aggressive in my posts, but seeing people shoot down 
the thoughts/ideas just because it doesn't "suit them" is a little 
arrogant/snobby.  Anyway, thanks for bringing the tone down a little and 
making good solid points.


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