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Your description could be about two things:

1.) is acting up with the openmoko mailing lists, and has been
for some time now. gmail mails end up being sent multiple times. That's
something that google needs to fix, not much openmoko can do about that.

2.) When people reply to your mail on the mailing list, one of the
traditional ways to do so has been to use "Reply All". The rationale for
this tradition is so that you get a second copy of the mail directly,
which depending upon the mailing list might be hours faster than the
mailing list. Another benefit of this setup is that if you sort
automatically mailing list mails into folders, you still get a copy that
gets delivered into your INBOX directly.

Neither of these problems can be solved by setting a Reply-To header.


Donald Organ wrote:
> Can someone fix the lists so that replies go to the list not the sender?
> I seem to be getting at least two of every email that is going out to
> the lists.
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