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This is probably a crazy idea that if I think long enough about I'd realize
won't work.  But, instead, I'll just put it out there :)

It seems easy enough for the forum and list to connect in one direction, on
a user-by-user basis.  I assume your forum will have the ability to email
registered users with new posts, probably on a per-forum basis.  So,
developers sticking to the lists could register at the forum, and just have
everything emailed to them.

However, then it falls apart.......unless......

Would it be possible to have the forum itself (or some bot on a server)
subscribe to the mailing list?  When a message comes into the forum, try to
match up the subject line to place the message into the right topic thread.
If none exists, place it in a forum called something like "From the List".
Further, replies in the "From the List" forum would always be emailed out to
the list.

This would integrate the forum and lists together pretty well I think.

Like I said, probably a crazy idea.

On 7/24/07, Kyle Bassett <kylebassett at> wrote:
> Hello Everyone,
> I have set up the Official Unofficial OpenMoko forum on one of my
> websites.  I will continue to modify the forums as need be.  All who would
> like to utilize the forums are welcome!
> Temporary Link, awaiting DNS resolution:
> Official Link:
> Please make any recommendations to the layout of the forum to this
> thread.  Anyone that would like to help me administer or moderate the
> forums, please reply!
> Thanks!
> Kyle
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