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Daniel Robinson dgrobinson at dgrobinson.com
Tue Jul 24 22:11:06 CEST 2007

The general tone on this item of discussion is "This is what I want/need,
therefore, that is the best solution (for everybody)".  What I have not seen
is any concession to gather information.  What I have seen is a lot of
data-free analysis.

What I would like to see is some examination of the traffic and what sort of
organization can be placed on it.

On 7/24/07, Jonathon Suggs <jsuggs at murmp.com> wrote:
> kent at songbird.com wrote:
> > Not arrogance or snobbery -- different view of reality.
> >
> > At this point, openmoko *is* a development project.  It's emphatically
> not
> > for Joe and Jane -- it says so on the web site, where you order your
> phone.
> > There are disclaimers all over the place.  It's not even for early
> adopters
> > -- it's for hackers and developers.  Explicitly.
> >
> > It is devoutly to be hoped that someday there will be a need for a forum
> for
> > Joe and Jane.  But as a real concern that's at *least* 6 months away.
> More
> > realistically, it will be a year before there is a unit that will be
> robust
> > enough for Joe and Jane.
> Point well taken.  However, we are starting to get some interest from
> people who fall into that middle ground category.  They follow
> technology (to an extent) but aren't willing/capable to actively
> develop.  So we are suggesting creating a forum to be able to answer
> their basic questions...ones that they wouldn't register on a mailing
> list to ask.
> Mailing lists are great tools for keeping the developers in touch, and
> so we should not change that (nor has that even been suggested).  We are
> merely trying to establish another method to communicate with potential
> customers, even if they aren't going to be purchasing for 6-12 months.
> Sorry for being so aggressive in my posts, but seeing people shoot down
> the thoughts/ideas just because it doesn't "suit them" is a little
> arrogant/snobby.  Anyway, thanks for bringing the tone down a little and
> making good solid points.
> -Jonathon
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