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Wed Jul 25 03:03:50 CEST 2007

The SE phones allowed creation of ring tones on the phone or with a PC
application.  Cingular allowed downloading to the phone via BlueTooth.  My
current carrier, t-mobile, doesn't allow things to be downloaded to the

Creating ringtones should be pretty easy.  I'm at work right now, so I can't
check it out, but I think tuxguitar will save things as midi or wav files.
tuxguitar is good for creating loops, and getting the right file format
should not be hard.

On 7/24/07, Jeff Andros <jeff at> wrote:
> yeah, but they seem to be in the minority (my cingular SE phone works
> properly too) I'm thinking of going a step beyond this: not requiring you to
> whip out your computer at all.  My Sony Ericsson has a program called "Music
> DJ" that I think I've played with all of twice, but it will let you mix
> loops to create your own ringtone... what if we go a step farther, and
> create a composition program with social aspects... allow you to record or
> create a ringtone on the device itself.  The other part that makes this
> really cool is then uploading this to a sharing site... yes, I know, there's
> the chance that you record some song off the radio, so we need something to
> deal with DMCA (it seems a message that says "don't freaking put copyrighted
> stuff here" is no longer sufficient).  Again, I'm having nightmares of
> people turning recordings of their kids screaming and worse into
> ringtones... but I think this could be one of the apps that really turns on
> the mass market
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