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Wed Jul 25 15:12:43 CEST 2007

On the other hand, via email you load everything while on a forum you choose
what to view.
The screen size argument also doesn't work too well as the Neo has 640*480
which is plenty and an official forum would obviously make sure to fit well
into that resolution.

How about continuing the discussion in the forum? :P


On 7/25/07, Sebastian Krause <sebastian at> wrote:
> kent at wrote:
> > Not trying to "prove" something -- trying to give benefit of long
> experience
> > in similar situations.  Email is substantially more efficient, because
> it is
> > intrinsically more powerful.  For example:
> 8) Staying in touch directly with the community from my OpenMoko
> phone in a year using an expensive GPRS connection:
> - E-Mail: Loading everything via POP3 or even better compressed UUCP
>   on my phone, reading with my favorite mail client that suits the
>   display. Uses minimum bandwidth and I can cut the connection after
>   loading mail. Cheap.
> - Web forum: Suffer with the web browser on a forum design not
>   suitable to the small display. Using tons of bandwidth for every
>   request, staying online all the time. Really expensive.
> Sebastian
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