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> > Not trying to "prove" something -- trying to give benefit of long
> experience
> > in similar situations.  Email is substantially more efficient, because
> it is
> > intrinsically more powerful.  For example:
> 8) Staying in touch directly with the community from my OpenMoko
> phone in a year using an expensive GPRS connection:
> - E-Mail: Loading everything via POP3 or even better compressed UUCP
>   on my phone, reading with my favorite mail client that suits the
>   display. Uses minimum bandwidth and I can cut the connection after
>   loading mail. Cheap.
> - Web forum: Suffer with the web browser on a forum design not
>   suitable to the small display. Using tons of bandwidth for every
>   request, staying online all the time. Really expensive.
> Sebastian

-E-mail: loading hunderts of  e-mails with questions  that have been
discuted at least 300 times  and hunderts of flaming e-mails, and maybe
dozends of "i need this and that app" e-mails, just to see that there's no
kews in the development of the navigation system (the info you where looking
-Webforum: click on a shortcut in the favorites, log in, jump to category
"application development -> navigation system", seeing that there's nothing
new, closing the connection. With the support of rss this would be even
better: open feedreader, scan through new posts in "application
development->navigation system", close feedreader.

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