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The average customer won't wait for the "few simple" web clicks, at least not on a device that has only a GPRS connection. The Nokia E61 browser has a nice KB counter and it's incredible how huge current web sites have gotten. (and there is only limited hope of improvement, as we want the websites to have the functionality, don't we).

Email download OTOH can happen in the background.

And before you assert that this is not true ;), let me provide a simple example, Just downloading the SMS send form (using a direct URL) is > 300KB. Posting it takes around 150KB. Now that's a small and valid example, slashdot frontpage is way bigger. With GPRS speeds that means about 2 minutes before you can start typing, and over a minute to see that the SMS has been posted. In practice that's unusable even for a hardcore user like myself. btw, that process gets barely useable with UMTS speeds.


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On 7/25/07, Sebastian Krause <sebastian at> wrote:
> ramsesoriginal <ramsesoriginal at> wrote:
> > -E-mail: loading hunderts of  e-mails with questions  that have been
> > discuted at least 300 times  and hunderts of flaming e-mails, and maybe
> > dozends of "i need this and that app" e-mails, just to see that there's
> no
> > kews in the development of the navigation system (the info you where
> looking
> > for)
> > -Webforum: click on a shortcut in the favorites, log in, jump to
> category
> > "application development -> navigation system", seeing that there's
> nothing
> > new, closing the connection.
> Just that a few page views on a heavily bloated forum web site
> already means more traffic than a bzip2-compressed UUCP batch of 300
> mails.
> And still, if you just only want to quickly view if there are new
> messages on the server, you're free to use IMAP.

nice. And now explain this to your Grandmother. Because as Einstein said:
"you have only understood something whe you can explain it to your
For you it's easy to say that "you simply have to use IMAP", but the average
consumer that only needs to knoe the answer to his question probably isn't
going to learn how to set it up.

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